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Commitment and dedication, dexterity and courage.

A new way of thinking about the open air made of functionality and refinement.

Arketicom has many souls from which it draws inspiration every day. Craftsmanship, innovation, quality and attention to detail. Each product is a continuous stimulus to innovate and evolve, step by step, always looking to the future, made up of small actions and built on a path based on great values.


A family shares values, supports each other, collaborates pursuing the common goal. Respect, responsibility and sharing are the key values that animate the daily activity of the Arketicom family. It is of fundamental importance to take action every day thanks to a team capable of interacting, in order to grow and improve each other. The entire Arketicom team has the customer's well-being and satisfaction as its sole objective, which is why each member of the company offers its contribution every day with their work to achieve the common goal. Each Arketicom product begins its journey from the people who have designed, created, and then become an integral part of the daily life of those who believe in us.


An idea, an intuition can remain in the mind or can spread and become contagious if pushed by the inclination to act. Arketicom researches and enhances the ability to express themselves in all those who contribute to its growth. People, Designers, Artisans. This is how Arketicom creates products with a unique character and excellent performance. Products that with their soul are able to conquer even the most demanding customers.


Looking to the future is an attitude and a daily challenge. Arketicom tries to anticipate the constantly changing needs and trends of tomorrow by experimenting and mastering the materials to satisfy the needs and desires of those who will use them. Research and development are the basis of the company's daily operations. Only with this attitude is it possible to obtain a constant improvement in comfort, durability and ease of use. The goal is to guarantee high aesthetic standards and make sure that the products are qualitatively superior, resistant and usable in the professional environment.


It is the strongest engine that drives the brand. The passion that drives and motivates all departments, from design to manufacturing, from administration to logistics, each person within the company gives his small, large contribution in order to create quality products. In Arketicom it is the team and not the individual that produces results: the climate of trust, collaboration, respect and synergies are the driving forces that allow us to obtain exclusive, personalized and quality projects.

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