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There lean manufacturingo lean production is a business management aimed at generating the maximum amount of value for the customer with the minimum amount of waste, i.e. anything that does not add value to the product/service for both the customer and the company. In Arketicom we adopt the principles of lean production with the aim of continuous improvement in order to offer the best quality both of product what about human value. 



It is the first process of production.

The fabrics, taken from the warehouse, are placed on a machine automated oscillating blade which through a specific cutting software creates perfect shapes, improving i tempi and maximizing scraps, all with minimum waste of raw materials and energy.


This is the heart of the production department. Here skilled seamstresses put together the various pieces of fabric that come from the cutting department like a puzzle. Two correctly cut shapes will follow the same path in sewing. This is the reason why Arketicom artifacts are free from imperfections.


In the last department the polyurethane cores, first cut using automatic cutters, are manually assembled to the linings to give rise to the finished products. Cushions, mattresses, armchairs and beds take shape in this department.

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