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The quality of Arketicom products is not a slogan. It is attention to detail, it is control over the entire crossing path that each product follows, from the supplier of raw materials to the end user.

The choice of materials and technologies to be used in the construction are an integral part of the study of the product

The key elements in offering products that last over time are research, both in materials and in functionality.

The guarantee of quality is given by the rigor and commitment that the entire Arketicom team puts into every phase of the design and choice of materials.

The padding is made of Premium or Superior quality polyurethane foams, such asFAST DRY or FLEX FOAMand are diversified according to need, to give maximum comfort and ensure perfect resistance to all atmospheric agents, even the most extreme. 

The fabrics are selected from the best Italian and international producers and are also subjected to internal quality tests, in addition to the mandatory compliances. Arketicom chooses top quality yarns, 100% suitable for intensive use in the open air and equipped with all the certifications that the sector requires.

In the assembly department, the products take on their definitive character and are subjected to a further check before being packaged and shipped.

Each product is internally tagged and both the departments and the personnel responsible for its creation are indicated. Therefore each batch of products has a guarantee origin as well as clear indications for care and maintenance. This procedure ensures that beauty and performance remain unchanged over time.

This is the responsibility thatcompany takes on towards its customers. Guaranteeing absolute quality for those who choose to become

brand ambassadors.

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